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The Workshop on Borderlands 2 DLC

The first batch of downloadable content (DLC) for Borderlands 2 may be coming from The Workshop, the developers behind the PlayStation Move game, Sorcery.

According to a report on ShackNews via Kotaku, someone has discovered a bunch of CV’s from current employees at The Workshop. Apparently the team is working on an expansion to Borderlands 2. So far, the name “Torgue” has been thrown around quite a lot which is more than likely a codename but references a weapons manufacturer in the Borderlands world. In addition to that, a senior level designer, animator and level designer all mention work on Borderlands 2 on their CV’s.

Essentially at the moment it’s a simple he-said, she-said type of scenario as one person has come forward with information found on the Internet. The same source states that another designer from The Workshop mentions an “unannounced” expansion title on his CV which is an “expansion of a highly successful triple-A FPS” and states that this person is the “sole mission designer and scripter”. Apparently this pack will contain over 10 hours of gameplay, so that’s never a bad thing.

Gearbox previously announced its Season Pass system in which gamers will be able to get all for DLC releases for around R250. Alternatively, you can buy them all separate if you hate money and want to see it thrown away by not taking advantage of the savings.

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