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The Three Areas in LoL Mastery

According to Riot Games there are three main areas to mastering League of Legends (LoL). These three areas are summed up by “Personal Experience”, “Teamwork” and “Adaptability”. A long version of what these areas mean can be found below:

Personal Experience:

Personal Experience is summed up as the direct skill that you bring into the game, through controlling your character. It is the ability to last hit, execute basic combinations, dodge and land skill shots as well as making informed decisions within split seconds during a team fight.

Riot Games is looking to support personal experience in the following ways:

Creating optimisation paths for champion.

When looking at creating or updating a champion, Riot Games takes into account the many different ways players could master that champion. Which are effective item build paths when upgrading abilities in different orders, is one of the main things the design team looks at.

Rewarding consistent demonstrations of skill.

In this way, Riot Games tries to balance out the game to make it easier for players to show off just how skilled they are. It was demonstrated in the 2014 pre-season changes where Riot Games reduced the snowballing effect that can occur once one team gets a substantial lead. It used to be that if a team was about five to ten kills ahead, the game was pretty much over, especially if those kills happened to be from the Marksman or Ability Power (AP) carry. Although Riot has changed this so that it is somewhat easier to shut down a fed champion, if an entire team is fed, it is still difficult to come back.

Riot Games have also helped out the Supports. Their itemisations and scaling have been changed so that they are able to contribute towards the late game and show off just how good a support they can be.

Counter play

Counter play will be detailed in another blog, but the gist behind it is making a champion a challenge for both the person playing the champion and the person playing against it. When two champions fight, nuance, thought and timing should matter when it comes to both sides; in that way it is the “best” player that will win the match-up.


There are two points within teamwork that are important to discuss, team play and team incentives. Teamwork is described as the ability to read your team mates’ intentions while giving cues in return. It is also the ability to stay positive when setbacks occur and do what is best for the team at all times.

Team play

Team play is where a particular strategy or set of abilities become stronger with coordination with your team. The way Riot Games can help with this is to make a way where your team mates must care about what you are doing and react to it to make games easier to win.

Team Incentives

This is how Riot Games will encourage players to play more as a team, rather than playing for themselves. Systems such as “assist gold” and objectives like towers, dragon and baron are good examples of team incentives. Out-of-game incentives such as friendly and helpful banners are positioned entirely around team play and what your team mates think of you. In this way, it shows players that to completely master LoL, one must master teamwork.


Adaptability is your personal ability to adapt to learn and respond to new ideas as well as new threats, changes, and your ability to play in a variety of styles. There are different ways that players adapt; some pick up many different champions, while others play only a few champions and find different ways to play them through itemisation and build order.

Riot Games rewards this ability by through system and balance changes. In that way, Riot Games aspires to keep as many champions at a competitive level of play as possible and increase the number of team-level strategies that are available.

This is the third in a series of blogs about upcoming changes to the game as well as Riot Games’ vision of what LoL should aspire to. For a closer look at the blog, you can head on over to the LoL website.

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