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The Second Annual Saxxy Awards

Valve has opened up voting for the second annual Saxxy Awards where gamers will choose the best Valve-inspired Machinima.

Gamers can head over to the webpage to vote for your favourite Team Fortress 2 antics to see a winner crowned on 30 November. The overall winner is going to be announced at the Spike Video Game Awards on 7 December where a live video of the chosen Saxxy Award will be displayed.

On the webpage, gamers will need to log into Steam to see this year’s entries where you start with a queue of 12 videos. The voting works in the same way Steam Greenlight does where the judges will choose from the videos with the highest amount of community support.

My vote has already been cast for the video above. Just a personal favourite of mine where the creator plays off Lord of the Rings with Team Fortress 2.