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Gaming Celebs Battle It Out for Charity

TF2Mixup is back, bigger and more awesome than ever before. This time round people who donate to Child’s Play Charity will stand a chance to partake in this celebrity showmatch as well as win signed merchandise from Valve and Bethesda.

TF2Mixup is a Team Fortress 2 charity event boasting a line up of the gaming industry’s biggest celebrities to play a showmatch in an effort to raise money for children in need all over the world.

Celebrities such as Notch (Minecraft creator), Robin Walker (TF co-creator, Valve developer) and Simon “Honeydew” (Yogscast co-host) will be thrown into teams to shoot it out and three lucky gamers will have the chance to partake in the showmatch. All you have to do is head over to TF2Mixup and follow the easy steps to qualify. Any one can partake and the more you donate, the bigger your chances. The match recording will also be posted on Youtube afterwards.

The match will take place in June this year, although a date has not yet been confirmed. TF2Mixup has raised over $2,000 since the announcement of the event yesterday with over 100 contributors so far. Do Gaming’s Yolanda Green also had a chance to briefly catch up with Ashkan Namousi, founder and manager of TF2Mixup to chat about the event.

How did you come to create TF2Mixup?

I actually ran the first Mix-up Match as a promo for the legendary ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge, but that was more of an excuse to run the match; it gave it a purpose. That was before I was even an admin, of anything. I was just a regular player.

I just got tired of all the 6v9 matches, so I told a friend that someone should do a match with Valve involved and the teams should get mixed. The 6v9 events only had pubbers and competitive players and they were on separate teams. I wanted to add Valve to that and mix the teams up instead.

I also happened to know Racio, who was a head admin at ETF2L. When I mentioned it to him and my friends, no one thought it would work really, but there was no harm in asking Robin Walker (to whom I had never spoke before), so I did, and they were up for it.

After that, I kind of expected the ETF2L admins to take over. I was just a regular player, writing Robin on behalf of the ETF2L staff, wanting to do a promo for their tournament. Although that never really happened, Racio just kept going with me, asking me what to do next, sharing his ideas, discussing everything. So I just went with it and did the whole event together with him.

So in short: TF2 Mix-up was a result of my boredom with the 6v9 events.

How did the partnership with Child's Play establish itself?

We had never involved charity before the latest mixup match, but it was something I'd wanted to do for a while. Give it a higher purpose than just "entertainment" or "promoting Highlander".

After the third mix-up match, I really saw how it could work since that's when we got all the gaming celebs, and ended up with a million views on the match recording. A lot of people kept saying "Man, I'd sell my own mom to play in this!", so there was a lot of attention around the event, so why not set up a fundraiser like this?

A couple of them get to play in the game, and those who don't, they've donated to charity anyway: win-win. When it comes to picking what charity to run, Child's Play was a strong candidate from the start. We wanted to give people several options
so we listed a bunch of possible charities. In the end, due to technical and legal limitations, we pretty much had to go with one charity, and that had to be Child's Play.

What are your thoughts and expectations for this TF2Mixup?

I'm glad that we've gotten positive feedback on the whole donation thing so far. It's really strange, how much you start caring about the event and its execution, when you get charity involved. Every single dollar counts, you want to spread the word everywhere. A minute of your time is worth the extra dollar it might add.

Besides that, I'm very glad to see so many gaming personalities signing up for the match. Somehow, that has never been the hard part, getting people to sign up. I have contacted dozens of gaming personalities through the event's history, and only a few of them have declined or not answered.

It's nice to see Yogscast, Notch and Bethesda play together after their differences in the past. I just hope that the event unfolds smoothly and that the winning donors really enjoy themselves.

For more information about TF2Mixup, gamers can go to this page.