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Telkom Do Gaming Has Moved

It is with much excitement that we announce that Telkom Do Gaming has changed its name to Telkom Gaming and has launched a brand new site:

Telkom Gaming has a sleek new look and more features for gamers to enjoy. We will continue to maintain a focus on eSports and gaming, but will also be expanding the content focus into Tech, guides and general cool stuff on the Internet.

You’ll see from the new menu that content is grouped together on the site, so clicking on eSports will bring up all eSports articles while clicking on one of the League titles will just bring up content from just that league.

Readers will also notice that content is grouped together on the home page, so you’ll currently find tech under gaming of the front page and if you look in any post on the front page, you’ll see which section it is in. So clicking on eSports, Dota 2, videos etc. will take you to those respective sections for more related posts.

Lastly you’ll find related content at the bottom of articles and a Disqus comments section as was used on Do Gaming so all your previous comments are still there.

Under tech we will be talking about the latest technology as well as new technology that is coming soon. We will also be bringing in a fresh look on mobile phones and apps, with reviews and other useful information.

The tech section will also feature a How to section with some useful tips on things like Managing your PlayStation Network and How to Pick Your Headphones.

We’ll also be creating Gaming Guides with some helpful tips for gaming.

Along with all these new features of the new site, you can look forward to weekly polls, a fresh take on gaming industry with some outspoken opinions.

The new site which launches today, is in beta phase, so we’re asking all our readers to check it out and see what you think. If you need to bring anything to our attention, use the Contact page.

The old domain will soon become inactive but will still remain active for users who want to pick up on older stories or reference previous articles.

Thank you for your continued support and happy reading!