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Steam Game Guides

Steam has launched a new project under the Steam Community window in Steam Guides which are being punted as player-created manuals and references.

Gamers can check out the Steam Game Guides which have been created by members of the Steam Community and the guides are designed to help players along the way in many different games. There are things like Golden Key Code manuals for Borderlands 2, Combat Field Manuals for Red Orchestra 2 or even individual hero guides for DotA 2.

In order to access these guides players need to open the Steam overlay while in game and click the ‘Guides’ tab. Alternatively they can open the Community Hub for any game in particular that they would like a guide for and you are good to go.

Steam is providing a clever service to its users once against as we saw with the Steam Workshop where it allows players to do all of the work and have it run through the Steam database. It’s a really clever way to implement something new without having to do much work and relying on the community to do its part by sharing and creating.