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Star Wars Free to Play

EA has released a press release announcing that Star Wars: The Old Republic has now gone free to play.

Gamers will now be able to enjoy BioWare’s massively multiplayer online (MMO) experience for free these days as the game has now become free-to-play up to level 50. Players will get a chance to complete storylines of all eight Star Wars classes and will provide gamers with flexibility in how they experience the game.

In addition to the free-to-play update, the game has received the latest update and is now running on patch 1.5: HK-51, which adds new areas to explore and a new companion. It also adds new adventures for gamers to play such as exploring Section X and travelling to Denova to complete the new Operation, Explosive Conflict.

Star Wars: The Old Republic now joins the ranks of Aion and Guild Wars 2 and will hopefully allow the game to break into the bigger markets of MMO's. After losing almost 400,000 subscribers between February and March, it seems like this may be the only option.