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Star Citizen Funding Closes

The results are in and while we already knew that Star Citizen would be fully funded, it was a matter of time before we found out how much funding it would get.

The total crowd-funding amount that Star Citizen raised in its 30 days was a record-breaking $6,238,563. The original amount was a little less but due to website down-time, there was a little window where users could still back the game. The Kickstarter total came in at just over $2.1 million while the rest came from the official website.

Donations will still be accepted from now but users who back the game will miss out on the rewards that were previously offered. RSI will become a website that will be community-focused and will allow only backers access to scheduled updates in the future.

To go alongside this $6.2 million, Star Citizen will also be receiving some investor funding and the team is planning to release the most ambitious PC space-simulator ever conceived. The game will be launching in November 2014 - according to Kickstarter - and the project itself had just over 90,000 backers.