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Star Citizen Backing Available Until Monday

Star Citizen is still available for gamers who haven’t yet backed the game and Chris Roberts, Roberts Space Industries CEO, says that gamers can still pledge up until Monday night.

Due to the huge response in the final stages of funding where Star Citizen shattered crowd-funding records at just over $6.2 million, gamers may have struggled to log in and pledge on the official website because of excessive traffic. As a result, Roberts has said that the crowd-funding will be extended until 26 November.

“The focus of our campaign was, from day one, involving the fans and trying to give them as many options to support us as possible. The last thing we want to do is punish any of you, and so we have decided to adapt our plans and offer a grace period for all current members of the RSI community.”

According to the site, everything will switch to the new pricing structure on Monday 26 November. The struggle with funding the game after 26 November is that obviously the price will change but gamers also may not be able to get the limited edition space ships that are on offer for the people who have already backed the game.

So if you are one of the few that hasn’t yet heard of or backed Star Citizen, there is no time like the present.