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Star Citizen Almost Sold Out

Is it even possible for a game to sell out? Well it’s generally impossible but Star Citizen has been doing so well that gamers can no longer get the game for a heavily discounted price.

Star Citizen, the game by Roberts Space Industries, was initially running its own crowd-funding until it moved to Kickstarter. The game quickly reached funding. It's been growing ever since and, at the time of writing, has received $1.8 million on the Kickstarter page and almost $3.5 million on the RSI homepage, giving a total backing of over $5.2 million. This makes Star Citizen the record holder for greatest total raised by a crowd-funded game.

As a result of this, with just a few more hours of funding to go, gamers can no longer get the game for a heavily discounted price when backing the project. The $30 (about R265) and $35 (about R310) pledges on Kickstarter have been sold out with only a few more $37 (about R330) pledges available to get the game. On the RSI webpage, there are a few more copies available at $35 (about R310) but should soon be sold out.

Chris Roberts, RSI founder, promises gamers a rich universe focused on epic space adventure, trading and dogfighting in first person. The game will feature single player and drop-in, drop-out co-operative play with persistent and mod-able universes. The game will have no subscription fees and there will be no “pay to win” model either.

The crowd-funding for Star Citizen will almost be over and gamers are encouraged to head over to the different pages if they are interested in backing the game. The expected is November 2014 and this is sure to be an interesting one.