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Playstation 4 Coming 2013

Sony has got the rumour mill going with its teaser campaign, entitled "See the future" on the official PlayStation site – suggesting an event date of 20 February.

The announcement has sent the technological world into a frenzy, as many are now expecting Sony to reveal the Playstation 4; codenamed ‘Orbis’.

The Wall Street Journal has reportedly confirmed that the event will be the debut of the next PplaySstation console. This comes as a shock, considering Sony CEO Kaz Hirai’s recent comment where he suggested the PS4 would wait for the competition.

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" Hirai states in in an interview.

This could all just be an attempt to ‘pull the wool over our eyes’ as it wouldn't be the first time a CEO played coy or offered a bit of misdirection.