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SimCity Game Interface

SimCity is something that many gamers are looking forward to and the SimCity creative director, Ocean Quigley has appeared to show off some of the SimCity game features and interfaces.

Quigley explains the game and the dynamics of creating cities and building worlds, all the while trying to outsmart the simulation. The game has a fun and unpredictable world that is constantly changing and is essentially the ultimate construction set. The consequences of certain actions in your city will create engaging experiences as time goes on and the game will even be able to teach you something about how real cities operate.

With the new multiplayer features that the game offers, it will allow for friends and family to have cities that affect and influence each other. Criminals can go between cities as well so if you find that your banks seem to be heavily overstocked, you might need to add some more police.

SimCity is coming on 5 March on PC and is going to be something really great when it finally arrives.