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SimCity Cross-City Gameplay

Maxis and EA have released a brand new trailer for SimCity which reveals some of the cross-city and multi-city play that gamers can make use of in the upcoming game.

Stone Librande, SimCity lead designer, was able to show off the basics of building a new city in the first video but this time discusses the differences in combining cities together. Essentially what he has done is created a “gambling city” which produces a lot of income for him but doesn’t necessarily have the city progression and population desired. This obviously means upgrades... but with upgrades come issues.

Moving across to a different area, Librande starts off by building another power station through an inter-connected city that allows him to make more additions to his current city but will have an impact on pollution at some point later in this city life.

SimCity will be released on PC on 5 March 2013 and from what we have seen so far, it’s going to be brilliant. Check out our hands on with the game at GamesCom this year.