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Starcraft 2 Eight Man Battle Royale Begins

Kyle “Hellshound” Haward and Petrie “Nox” van Vuuren have both pulled out of the Starcraft 2 Summer Leg and possibly the rest of the year due to pressing University commitments. This leaves just eight competitors to battle it out for the top spot of the Premier League for the leg.

Robert 'PandaTank' Botha; Duncan 'Skiblet' Frickel; Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson; Magiel 'enjoy' de Lange; Travis 'Shase' Weedon; Dean Anthony 'Nibby' Loots; Liam 'Intuition' Finnie and Mark 'GuMMie' Reynolds will have just seven weeks to prove their worth in what is already a tight leg, considering each player now has a guaranteed additional six points to add to their tally.

The games for match week two are scheduled as follows:

DvGǂenjoy vs. ventus.Intuition
PandaTank vs. bvd.Skiblet
bvd.Shase vs. VnR|StatiC

As it stands, PandaTank, bvd.Shase, bvd.Skiblet and ventus.Intuition currently share top spot of the Do Gaming Premier League with VnR|GuMMie vs. =ASF=Nibby still to take place on Monday, February 11.

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