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Runic Takes a Break after Torchlight

Torchlight 2 was released on Steam as of last night and it’s sure to be met with some positive feedback from the community as the MetaCritic rating soars.

When chatting about the future of Runic Games, Max Schaefer CEO, said that a Torchlight MMO won’t be the next thing they do. Obviously there are still plans to release post-launch content for the game and whether they will do DLC or a tablet version, the team needs to “see what the landscape looks like before they make that kind of decision”.

“[An entirely new, non-Torchlight project] may actually be the thing we decide we want to do next, because we might be so tired of making Torchlight that we’re kind of burned out. Maybe we want to cleanse the system a little bit before we go back to Torchlight. Because, I mean, we’re gonna go back to the Torchlight franchise, obviously. But we may do something else in-between. That’s on the list of things that sound kind of cool, and we have to evaluate down the line,” Schaefer told Rock, Paper Shotgun.

He also said that while three years ago the Torchlight MMO could have been something important to them, there are a lot of other cool things the team would like to do as well. A Torchlight MMO would need to change up the genre and put a unique stamp on the brand itself and as of right now, nothing is set in stone for Runic Games as they look towards the next project the team wants to do.