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Rockstar Ready to Sue TV Show

Rockstar threatened to sue Frank Darabont over a TV series with a similar name to a game.

Frank Darabont, known for his work on Green Mile and the Walking Dead TV series, was working on a show called LA Noir which not only shared a similar name to Rockstar’s game from 2011, but was set in the same time frame as the game. In fact, they both began in the same year. Darabont maintains that his series is based on the book with the same name but production has been halted while Rockstar threaten to sue.

Darabont seems to think that Rockstar were mad or something because TNT was also a target for being involved in the show.

“But the video game company with the video game called L.A. Noire (with an e!) threatened to sue the s*&t out of me, TNT, every company that actually ever worked in Hollywood. And they have the billions of dollars to back it up, apparently. So we're changing the title, and I do believe the title is going to be Lost Angels,” he said.

According to io9 (via Kotaku), Darabont was actually talking about his new re-titled series called Lost Angels.

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