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Real Money Auction House Delayed

Blizzard has announced on its forum that it will soon be bringing out a patch for Diablo 3 that will address the stability of the game.

According to the forum post on, the patch, due out in the next week, Blizzard plans to release the patch which will address client issues and apply additional bug fixes.

Due to the post-launch obstacles Blizzard has encountered after the launch of the game, the Real Money Auction House will be delayed beyond May. Blizzard has stated that it wants each and every gamer to have the smoothest experience possible and need more time to iron out existing issues.

Blizzard did release a few hotfixes for the game recently which have balanced some of the characters and addressed a few gameplay issues with some tweaks to service stability.

Blizzard also want to make it clear to gamers that the and Diablo 3 servers have not been compromised and it has received an extremely small amount of players who have contacted Blizzard regarding missing or lost items. Blizzard insists that gamers remain vigilant in password protection to protect against account theft and still reiterate the importance of Authenticators.

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