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Quinn and Valor, New LoL Champion on the Block

Riot has been hard at work again. This time instead of bringing us a new season or nerfs in League of Legends (LoL), they have announced a new champion for the roster, boosting the number to 111.

Riot has taken a bit of a different approach with Quinn, which is only half of this champion’s name. Quinn is a vicious looking gal with an equally vicious looking bird for a companion called Valor. Quinn and Valor operate as a powerful and mobile team and are aimed at new and veteran plays alike that are looking to carry.

Quinn and Valor

The Lore:
What’s the lore behind these two you might ask? Well they are an elite ranger team who undertake the most dangerous missions deep within enemy territory, ranging from swift reconnaissance to lethal strikes; they have an unbreakable bond that proves to be deadly on the battlefield.

Now being a team of two, most of Quinn’s abilities have a different effect based on her ultimate and whether it is active or not.

Tag Team:
The first time you cast this, Quinn is going to go all Pantheon on your opponent and leap away from the battlefield allowing her partner Valor to take her place briefly. Valor then acts as a mobile melee attacker with a huge movement speed bonus. When out of combat if you cast this again (otherwise known as Skystrike), Valor will evacuate the battlefield allowing Quinn to return in a hail of bolts that damages all nearby enemies, the more health missing, the more damage is dealt.

This is Quinn’s passive it will periodically mark enemies as vulnerable. Quinn’s first attack against these “vulnerable” opponents will deal bonus damage.

Blinding Assault:
This is a skill shot ability where Quinn sends Valor forth. Valor will stop at the first enemy hit, damaging them and blinding all nearby enemies. If Tag Team is active, Valor will damage and blind all nearby enemies.

Heightened Senses:
This is a passive ability that will increase Quinn’s attack speed when attacking a vulnerable opponent. If you active it, Valor will rush to the skies and reveal a large area around Quinn including bush and non-stealth units. When tag team is active, this passive gives Valor a large amount of attack speed permanently and when activated Valor will again reveal a large area around him.

Quinn dashes to an enemy dealing damage and slowing, then kicks back off the target landing at max attack range. When Tag Team is active, Valor does the same thing minus the kickback.

These two make for a highly mobile carry team. The passive effects from “Harrier” and “Heightened Senses” make Quinn an excellent last-hitter. Another aspect of play is Quinn and Valors’ range of defensive abilities, Quinn can activate “Heightened Sense” to check for approaching enemies and use “Vault” if she is caught out of position or in a dangerous situation. “Blinding Assault” can also provide a wonderful ability to shut out opponents in a time of trouble.

Another interesting point is that “Vault” can be used to launch over terrain and this duo makes a great pair for hunting down enemies and prevent juking for their teammates.

The whole nature of the game can change when you obtain access to “Tag Team” as it will turn Valor into quite a monster with the increased movement speed where wounded enemies are easily pursued. “Tag Team” can also be utilised to run between lanes for defence or split-pushing for a long duration as Valor can run away to reposition to heal and then come back for vengeance once the time is right.

Overall I don’t think there has been a hero that has so much teamwork in one character. Being able to master both sides of this champion coin is what will make the difference. As for roles, I can see her being an attack damage carry (ADC) maybe even a jungler or a top lane champion.

She’ll be out in the next patch. I look forward to playing her and seeing how she fairs in the competitive scene.

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