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Quantic Dream Tech Demo

The guys that brought us Heavy Rain have revealed a new tech demo that has been displayed at GDC.

The tech demo, seen below has been given the name “Kara” and will lay the foundations for whatever is next for Quantic Dream. The same team brought Farenheit and Heavy Rain to us, which were both huge hits.

The crazy thing about the tech demo is that it is all functioning in real time while assembling and disassembling Kara. While this new tech looks fantastic, Quantic Dream insist that the technology is not part of a new game they are developing.

According to the PlayStation blog, David Cage, Quantic Dream director, said that they wanted to push the envelope in terms of quality, starting with the visuals.

“We wanted to improve many things – things that were not possible with the Heavy Rain engine. So we had to develop a new engine from scratch. We also wanted to improve the quality of the acting. With Heavy Rain, we did what many games do – split performances, recording a voice on one side and a body animation on the other, putting everything together and crossing your fingers that you get a consistent performance. It worked okay for Heavy Rain, but you lose a lot of a performance by splitting into two and rebuilding it artificially,” he said.

They liken their new project to what Avatar did by having a full performance where everything is captured in the same time. Don’t worry, those goose bumps will go away in about 15 minutes.

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