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Possible PS4 Reveal at E3

Recently Hiroshi Sakamoto, a Sony executive, addressed some questions regarding a new Sony console in an interview with a Chillean news site.

In the interview with El Mercurio On Line Sakamoto said that while the next console from Sony is still “a big secret”, the company will be focused on E3 and could announce something about it then, or possibly earlier in May.

Sakamoto goes on to say that Sony may be preparing for a big announcement at E3 and the company expects to deliver some great news to the public, but will need to wait until May at the very least.

If you translate the webpage directly, some of the information surrounding the PlayStation Orbis could be revealed very soon.

It will be interesting to see if this is true because taking a look back at the current console generation, Microsoft got to launch the Xbox 360 first and Sony launched its PlayStation 3 a little later. If Sony is able to get its console out first, they may have the bigger sales that Microsoft enjoyed for some time but Microsoft still has to reply to the rumoured PlayStation 4 launch.

PS4 concept