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Possible DayZ Delay and Console Support

As the end of the year approaches and gamers begin to wind down for the last bit of the year, there is just one more release that many are awaiting and that comes in the form of DayZ.

The survival-zombie game from Bohemia Interactive, or more specifically, Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall is scheduled to be out before the end of the year as the development team tries to hit deadlines after a few more updates come through.

Hall had a word with Joystiq about the upcoming standalone release as well as the possibility of the game coming to console when the development is finished.

The release date at the moment is still in doubt as Hall spoke about the state of the standalone.

“We really don't know, it's still our target. But the architectural changes are scheduled to be complete next week. These are still on track to be completed then. But we don't entirely know what effect these changes will have, if any, on everything else. So there could be a massive amount of unforeseen work that comes out, we just don't know until it's done and we test,” he said.

The changes that the development team is making to the game at the moment are critical so it’s difficult to make an estimate of completion right now. Hall said that nearly everything they have done on the standalone has taken much less time than originally expected, so the team will only know later this week on whether or not they will meet the deadline.

In terms of console development, Hall has said that should the team not screw-up badly on the standalone and once the PC development has been stabilised and sales have been good, it will look at porting the game to console.

“So, do I think a console port will happen? Yes. But not until the PC is done. And by 'done,' I mean finished its creative process,” he said.