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Plastic Wax Announces Lego Marvel Superheroes

Plastic Wax Studios has announced the release of its new cinematic trailer for the highly anticipated MMO game, Lego Marvel Superheroes. The trailer features the heroics of Marvel’s favourite Avenger team; including Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man, as well as Spiderman and Wolverine.

“Working with both the Marvel and Lego franchises have given us an opportunity to tap into our team’s incredible depth of talent and diversity to create an exciting piece whilst remaining true to the Lego and Marvel brands,” said Dane Maddams, Executive Vice President of Plastic Wax Studios. “While we have long been an industry leader in creating ultra-realistic cinematics, it’s exciting for us to focus our teams efforts on delivering quality, fun work for audiences of every demographic.”

The company catered primarily for console opportunities in the past, but with the gaming scene more focused on MMO and mobile gaming, Plastic Wax Studios is now positioned as a major player for cinematics within the MMO and mobile genres. They have aligned themselves with industry leading developers, such as Perfect World and Kixeye. They have also aligned themselves with the industry’s heavyweight agency, Hammer Creative.

“We aimed to really push technology and art to compelling and cutting edge realism with our recent release of the “Director’s Cut” cinematic for Perfect World’s, NeverWinter MMO,” says Maddams. “The cinematics were carefully designed to enhance the story in a never seen before narrative and build anticipation for the title to new heights”

“While mobile gaming brings about a unique set of challenges, we have been able to deliver incredibly successful and engaging cinematics on the platform and we expect to continue pushing that envelope further,” commented Maddams.

Plastic Wax Studios will be attending E3 to meet with existing and potential clients; all the while unveiling some of their most recently completed projects.