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New Pikachu Game in Development

A new Pokémon game featuring Pikachu is currently in development at The Pokémon Company.

A producer's summary on the Japanese site NHK, suggests the development of a Pikachu based Pokémon game began development earlier this year.

"It's a new game featuring the very popular character Pikachu in a bold way," says NHK.

The producer in question, Tsunekazu Ishihara, says the Pikachu-centric game will include a boy who takes on the world using "playfulness" as a weapon and despite Pikachu seeming like a instant recipe for success, Ishihara is concerned that doing a poor job with this game will damage the beloved character's popularity.

"There is concern, however, that if it's bad, the long loved character would lose popularity in the blink of an eye," NHK finished.

Interestingly, The Pokémon Company revealed that the Pokémon franchise boasts a total sales figure of roughly $41 billion from all of the Pokémon goods, anime series, movies, and games.

Upcoming Pokémon titles, Pokémon X & Y, will release on Saturday, 12 October for the 3DS.