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Petition for GTA V to Hit PC

Gamers are gathering in the numbers to petition Rockstar to have Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) released on PC, preferably at launch.

There is a petition running that has been started by Mike Julliard from Canada who decided that Rockstar just need to release GTA V on PC. So far, the petition has over 44,000 signatories on it and for some reason it only needs 55,608. It's not clear as to why it only needs that amount, but that’s what has been set.

Rockstar has already announced that GTA V will not be receiving a PC version but it was “up for consideration”. Hopefully this kind of petition can make Rockstar see that it should definitely be up for consideration.

The company does have a history of porting console games to PC though with the exception of Red Dead Redemption. I’m still quite confident that gamers will receive a PC version of the game at some point, maybe just not as soon as we may expect it.

The game is set for release in Autumn for South Africans, which means we can expect it between March and June of 2013.