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Perhaps Windows 8 Isn’t So Bad

Near the end of last year, Microsoft seemed to be disappointed with the sales of Windows 8, reporting sales that were “below expectations”.

It seems that this may not be the case really as the public seems to be embracing it now. Eurogamer is reporting that Microsoft has now moved 60 million copies of its operating system and has basically shut the critics up.

In just 10 weeks, the copies that have been sold represent both upgrades and sales to original computer manufacturers (OEMs) and there have been over 100 million downloads from the Windows Store in the same time frame which means that users are buying into it and they are definitely enjoying it.

Windows 7 seems to be the current OS of choice for gamers but if Windows 8 carries on doing as well as it does, we might be switching up some time soon. The sales at which Windows 8 are running at will mean that there sales in the same period for Windows 7 have been quicker than Windows 8. Interesting…