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PartinG Leaves Team StarTale

The winner of the 2012 Word Championships and ace Protoss player, Lee-Sak ‘PartinG’ Won has left pro team StarTale to look for a new team. This comes as a huge blow to the Korean Team and even the Korean Scene should he choose to cross the Atlantic to one of Europe’s heavy hitters.

The player publicly announced via Twitter that he had left. The real reasons for his departure are still unknown but he did suggest he is looking for better opportunities and thanked his coach for all his support in the build up to his historical championship victory.

“StarTale is a great team, but I want to experience much more things while I’m still young. I am very thankful toward Coach Won who gave me so much attention,” says PartinG.

In a recent interview with, Team StarTale confirmed that both player and management parted on good terms and thanked Won for all he has done for the team.

“I am very thankful to 'PartinG' for putting in a lot of effort during his time living side by side with StarTale and wish him good results no matter what team he joins,” says management.

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