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Nvidia Claim Mobile GPU Power

Nvidia claims that the mobile graphics processing unit (GPU) will be more powerful than that of the Xbox 360 come the year 2014.

GamesIndustry reports that due to rapid turnover of mobile hardware, portable platforms will soon be catching up with home entertainment consoles. The slide shown on AnandTech reveals that according to Nvidia, mobile devices will soon have more processing power than that of home consoles.

It was also recently reporting that the PlayStation 4, or Orbis, will be using an AMD Southern Islands GPU as opposed to an Nvidia chip or something else. Many people questioned the existence of a similar chip in the Nvidia range but given the latest predictions, maybe Nvidia didn’t want to get involved with consoles just yet given their unreliable projections.

Nvidia is currently plugging its Tegra 3 System-on-a-Chip as a high-end graphics solution to mobile devices so it’s hard to say whether Nvidia is trying to push the market into an idea or whether the company feels strongly enough to push development for mobile platforms.