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No More Wii

After selling more than 100 million units since 2006, Nintendo has stopped production of the Wii console.

In a short statement on the official Nintendo Japan website for the console, the company announced that their motion controlled device has reached the end of its lifespan.

The company had previously announced its planned end-of-production at the start of October, saying only that production would "soon end" across Japan.

Nintendo is focused on the Wii U but it was the Wii's ambitious and intuitive motion sensing controller and games like Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros. that helped the console sell more than 100 million units during its lifetime, while capturing a new demographic outside of the typical gaming audience.

Nintendo’s new console opted to remove most of the motion sensing controls in favour of a tablet-like controller and has since failed to live up to the Wii in terms of sales.

Nintendo is yet to confirm if stopping production on the Wii in Japan means it will cease worldwide as well - but it’s more than likely.