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Next Xbox Expected 2013 Holiday Season

Will the next Xbox be launched in 2013? Probably. Apparently Microsoft is aiming for a launch in late 2013.

According to a report on Bloomberg through VG247, some anonymous sources that are familiar with the company’s plans have marked 2013’s ‘holiday season’ as the ideal window for launch.

This is not the next Xbox. This is not the next Xbox.

The rumoured codename of the Nextbox, “Durango” was pegged for a 2013 launch by most people but this new information tells us that the next console will arrive as early as November next year. If Sony catches wind of this, then it will need to up its production speed in order to compete with the sooner-than-expected release for the next-generation console.

The Nintendo Wii U is supposed to be releasing today, but it’s probably not something that I’m going to buy or use in the near future so it should be interesting to see how the market responds to the Wii U given that it’s going to be almost outdated in a year when the next Xbox or PlayStation hit the market.