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Next Gen RPG from Far Cry 3 Devs

Ubisoft reports that Massive Entertainment is working on a next-gen role-playing game and Ubisoft is planning for it to be a triple-A title.

According to a report on PlayStation Lifestyle, Ubisoft was displaying some of its line-up for release soon with things like Raceroni and Watch Dogs on the list.

Interestingly, Massive Entertainment is developing a AAA RPG title for Ubisoft that is going to be for next-gen platforms. Massive helped with the development of Far Cry 3 so it’s easy to see why these guys were given the go ahead to make their own online RPG. It’s not yet known whether it’s an MMO yet or not but according to some job listings, the development team is looking for people who have “experience developing third-person action games” as well as “experience working on an online multiplayer”.