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Next CoD May be on Next-Gen

A rogue C.V. from someone at Infinity Ward may have revealed that next year's Call of Duty might be coming to both current-gen and next-gen systems.

The C.V. of one Andrew Aye reveals work on an unannounced title which Kotaku is saying may be Modern Warfare 4, slated for a 2013 release.

The platforms revealed on the C.V. were Xbox, PS3, PC DX11 and “TBA” (which has since been removed apparently). Seems a bit strange given that the Wii-U is called the “Wii-U” and both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles are still unannounced. In addition to that, it states on the CV that Aye is “responsible for setting technical direction and design for a new high-end DX11 code base”.

This may mean that Call of Duty fans may finally see a new engine and in actual fact, a new game from the current versions. Strange that the C.V. is just right out in the open and nobody has done anything about it yet, so it may be a fake.