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New LoL Russian Server and Transfer Options

With the release of the new League of Legends (LoL) Russian (RU) server, Riot Games has opened up the transfer process for EU West players that came over from the North American (NA) servers.

There will be free transfers for the Russian servers at the time of writing, but transfers back are not free. These new servers will only support Russian as a language option and Player Support won’t be able to reverse any transfers to these servers – including an accidental transfer.

European players that were on the NA server before 1 June 2010 will be able to merge their accounts for free. All others will have to pay 2600 Riot Points (RP) to transfer their accounts to a new server.

The servers that are available to transfer between are:

  • NA and EUW/EUNE
  • EUW and EUNE
  • EUW/EUNE and Turkey

Some things will move over with you to your new server, these are:

  • Your level,
  • Your champions,
  • Your skins,
  • Your runes,
  • Extra rune pages,
  • Summoner icons,
  • Remaining Influence Points (IP),
  • Remaining RP,
  • Games played,
  • Previous referrals,
  • And any unclaimed referral rewards.

For more information on the merging of accounts, go to the official Player Support website. For more information on account transfers go to the official LoL website.

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