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New God of War Multiplayer

News of the new God of War: Ascension was leaked last month and it's now been revealed to include multiplayer.

According to a report on GamesIndustry, God of War: Ascension will feature a multiplayer component, but the studio is still not sure how they are going to implement it. Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities gaming research analyst, said that God of War fans would love it but it might not necessarily move sales forward.

“It’s an interesting move, and something I think gamers will like, but it’s odd to see it in a third-person game, and especially odd because it’s not a shooter,” he says.

God of War: Ascension God of War: Ascension

It has been a trend of late to have sequels running with multiplayer components. If you look at anything recently such as Uncharted, Mass Effect or even Assassin’s Creed, the later developments in the series took on some form of multiplayer component and while multiplayer may not be integral to the storyline, it's seen to be a requirement these days.

There is also always the argument that a multiplayer component will have a detrimental impact on the storyline integrity of the game or make it sacrifice another aspect to include the multiplayer, but all teams have done spectacular jobs in including it as a part of the game thus far.