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More Rainbow Six: Siege Gameplay Footage Released

Ubisoft has release even more gameplay footage for its upcoming co-op multiplayer focussed game, Rainbow Six: Siege, with the new 30 minutes of footage giving us even more insight into how the multiplayer is going to be played.

Two teams of five, the terrorists and the Rainbow Six squad, had to either seize or save the hostage, and use the environment around them to create strongholds and safe zones, while the swat team tries to breech its way in.

The map shows five competitive rounds of action, and shows off just the potential this game has to be a competitor in future Telkom DGL leagues because of the teamwork and strategy required in each game.

The game has been given a 2015 release date, but producer Sebastien Labbe has hinted that there may well be various beta’s for the game before it is actually released next year.

Check out the footage below: