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Mini-Documentary: No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky was without a doubt one of the most intriguing reveals to come out of the Sony Press Conference at E3 last month, as it looked like a universe truly inspired by the science fiction of an older era, and had people planet hopping and exploring new worlds in the brief demonstration.

Since then we have learnt a bit more about the game, and the fact that everything will be procedurally generated. Each player will start on a generated world, which will have its own generated creatures, atmospheres and environments. These worlds will be added to the edge of the galaxy on a server, meaning that the more players you have, the bigger the universe becomes.

In the mini-documentary a bit more information was leaked as well, as it looked like that it may just be a sandbox game with no real story. Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games, said during the video that there will be lore behind the game, and players will have to fight and upgrade their ships, just like any olden day science fiction, and will eventually be able to journey to the centre of the galaxy.

No Man’s Sky has the potential to be a big hitter for the PlayStation 4 if the game lives up to everyone’s expectations, and as of yet, they have not let me down. Check out the video below: