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Microsoft to Ditch Xbox Voice Chat

Microsoft will be putting Skype at the centre of its communications as it will soon be rid of the Xbox Live Voice Chat.

After an acquisition in 2011 where Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion, it seems only logical that the company is going to start putting Skype as many places as it can go.

According to a report on CVG, a person familiar with the matter said that Microsoft will be ‘consolidating all their communications technology’ around the Skype platform. This means that Skype will probably be seen coming standard with Windows, standard on the Xbox 360 and possibly the new console as well as become an integral part in the development of Windows 8 Mobile OS.

Microsoft already announced at the end of last year that it would be closing down its instant message service, MSN, and replace it with Skype’s messaging tool, so it seems that Skype will be Microsoft’s way of the future. Is that why my Skype has adverts now?