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Media Molecule Veterans Joining Kickstarter

It’s no secret that LittleBigPlanet has enjoyed huge success in the past, which is a credit to the development team who were behind the game at Media Molecule.

Ambient Studios was launched some time ago and consists of 11 members, some of which were former members of Media Molecule. The guys over at Ambient Studios have decided to launch an upcoming strategy title called Death Inc. through Kickstarter. There is no point looking just yet because the project hasn’t been created but it is expected to begin on 4 February and the team is looking for £300,000 to develop a PC and a Mac title to be expected for release in October 2013.

According to Eurogamer, players will control the Grim Reaper and will use the mouse to draw trails of pestilence throughout the game which is set in Medieval England. The game is being described as a “strategy mixed with Katamari and a dash of the Pied Piper”.

What this means is that players will collect people to join your horde and will use tower defence elements as your horde attacks villagers. Jonny Hopper, ex-LBP lead coder, says that Death Inc. will need funding for completion of the single player game in four to six months. As the game is based on the Unity engine there are plans for tablet versions but nothing is concrete yet.