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Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order on PSN

Mass Effect 3 will be receiving some special things at the launch of the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

When I say special things, I mean that gamers who pre-order the game on the PlayStation Network will be allowed to digitally download it and “pre-load” it so that when it launches they can sink teeth right into it.

In addition to that, the M55 Argus rifle will be available as downloadable content (DLC) for gamers who pre-order on PSN. Alongside that gamers will receive an exclusive PS3 theme.

According to the PlayStation blog, the Argus rifle is a high-powered, close-range weapon which fires in short bursts.

Rob 'GrIdL0cK' Clegg has been in the gaming industry for over 15 years and has competed in both local and international tournaments at the highest level. He is also a respected gaming critic as Telkom Do Gaming’s lead reviewer and co-host of the Bits and Bytes Radio Show on Tuks FM.

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