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Maia Funded on Kickstarter

Last week we discussed god-games and now we've happened to stumble across yet another one which has already been funded.

The Maia Kickstarter page has been backed by over 6000 gamers already and has reached its goal of £100,042. Currently the game is going into further backing with just 54 hours to go, at the time of writing.

Maia is heavily inspired by Bullfrog games like Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital with some Maxis influence as well. It’s being described as a colony management simulator, or a god-game. There will be some dark British humour in the game too with a scheduled release for June 2013. It will cost as little as £10 (around R140) to get involved and that includes a digital download of the game.

As always with Kickstarter, the team is looking for more and more funding so should you want to back this game, hopefully it will get to the higher tiers of development where the more money that comes in, the more content the game has to offer. If you are only going to back one god-game this year, make sure that you give Maia a good look.