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Lol Top Five Plays Week 129

The international Top Five Plays have some very interesting clips for us this week, ranging from great support plays to an Attack Damage (AD) Lulu, as the bonus. That’s not all though, a clip has come in from David “Swift” Allen from CSA.CrazyFools, with a great Ashe Ultimate. Let’s take a look at the international side first:

Number Five:

This clip shows a support that has been out-of-favour for a while. Alistar makes some very good plays, with cooldowns and mana running out. He is able to save his AD carry at the last second using “W”, allowing for the third kill in that failed gank.

Number Four:

Swain shows us how it’s done in this clip. He uses his Ultimate the entire time the team fight is going on. He takes some very heavy damage, but thinks quickly and uses Zhonya’s Hourglass to get through the most of it while his Ultimate is still dealing damage. Right at the end he narrowly escapes, with very little health left, but has given his team the advantage of a very good two-for-five team fight.

Number Three:

A great play by a very slippery Karma. She manages to run all the way from the mid lane to her tower in bottom lane. All the while she was trying to take as little damage as possible. She makes it back to her tower with around ten health points. This is where the juking begins; she is able to dodge a few very painful abilities from her enemy, while her team shows up to help her. She is able to teleport back to base, but the damage she put onto the enemy made it possible for her team to pick up two kills with only one death. All-in-all, it was a very good clip to watch.

Number Two:

This Thresh is one of the most epic supports out there. Thresh is able to land one of the most amazing “Death Sentence’s” I have seen yet. He catches Hecarim in mid-flight, and then places a well-timed box, while shielding Caitlyn. As Thresh helps her, Caitlyn is able to pick up a Triplekill (three kills by one champion), turning things around for them.

Number One:

This clip shows just how powerful a Zed can be. He uses his Ultimate to initiate onto Katarina, and not long after that, kills her. He then switches position with his living shadow, dodging Nocturn’s “Q”. Once he sees that Morgana is taking turret damage, he turns and “Q’s” Nocturn, killing him while letting the turret kill Morgana. What a great demonstration of skill.

It is always good to see some great plays from the international scene, but we have finally got a local clip to show you guys.

This clip shows Allen playing Ashe in a very close game. We see the enemy Hecarim trying to take down the bottom inhibitor turret. He is met with a lot of damage from most of the other players on Allen’s team. He manages to get out of range of his pursuers, but Allen throws a blind Ultimate to a point he thinks Hecarim will be. The Ultimate, unfortunately, does not connect with Hecarim. Instead it hits the enemy Pantheon; this is not all bad as Heacrim was within range of the blast. This blast kills Hecarim, giving Allen a really funny kill to add to his replays.

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