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LoL to Include League System

As of Season Three, Riot Games will be introducing a new six-tier system of league play to League of Legends where gamers will need to win ranked matches to work their way up the ladder.

Players who wish to take part in the new Season Three league system will need to be at least level 30 and have access to at least 16 champions. From there, players will be able to work their way up from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Challenger. Riot Games has published a rather large picture on its site that explains everything quite clearly that can be seen here.

Not only will Riot Games be introducing the new league system into play, it will also be making a few balance changes to the game as seen in the patch preview below. There are a few changes to Rengar, Lee Sin, Talon and Riven in this episode, so take note.

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