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Lightning Returns isn't Final Fantasy XIII-3 but it Kind of’ Is

Square Enix, the team behind the Final Fantasy franchise, has opted to avoid using the ‘Final Fantasy’ title in hopes of boosting sales figures, according to Video Game coverage site, Shacknews.

Reportedly, the original Final Fantasy XIII sold 6.6 million copies worldwide but its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 only managed a measly 3.2 million. Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy suggests that the way they named the title lead fans to believe they could not enjoy the second game without having played the first and ultimately this resulted in a dip in sales.

With the decision to shift for a new name, Kitase believes they can avoid, “excluding [those] who didn't play the previous instalments. Our title naming reflects that." Furthermore, "The core fans of Final Fantasy XIII will enjoy it, as well as new players that are jumping in for the first time."

Battle is now more payer involved than ever

Fans of the series will also be pleased (or not) to learn of a few other changes to the franchise that has dominated consoles for well over a decade.

The main protagonist, ‘Lightning’ is now the only playable character. Combat now requires players to take a more active role with each button corresponding to an attack instead of the ‘auto-battle’ mechanic.

Other changes include a world that reflects the catastrophic events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the removal of paradigms in favour of a new ‘job system’ that focuses on what Lightning is wearing.

Lightning Returns is an upcoming console action role-playing video game, developed and published by Square Enix.

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