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Libsyn Sponsors Gamertag Radio for E3 2013

Gamertag Radio is a podcast that covers E3 and other major gaming events. It is great news that they are getting sponsored to let all their listeners know what is going on at the E3 floor this year. We all know that this year is going to be one of the best E3’s in history as Sony is said to be revealing the PlayStation 4.

Libsyn, a global leader in digital media entertainment sales and distribution, will be sponsoring the Gamertag Radio crew as several members make their way to Los Angeles this June for the historic event.

“Gamertag Radio is one of the Premier Podcasts and Libsyn is proud to once again sponsor their coverage of E3” says Rob Walch, Libsyn VP Podcaster Relations. “We love and respect their honest opinions…They truly put their listeners interests first.”

During E3 2013, listeners should expect the following from the Gamertag Radio crew:

  • Special episodes of Gamertag Radio
  • Bonus content exclusively on the Gamertag Radio App (iOS & Android)
  • E3 specific episodes of The Balcony and Gamertag Radio App exclusive segments
  • Backlogged and GTR Overtime
  • Daily interviews and roundtables
  • Staff write-ups about press conferences, special events, and game demos
  • Show floor pictures and video
  • Behind the scenes content and more.

You can follow Gamertag Radio’s coverage from their website and the Gamertag Radio application, now available for free on Android and iOS.

Aside from just sponsoring the Gamertag Radio crew, Libsyn will also give away a free month of its services for those podcasters that sign up using the promotional code ‘GTR’ on their website .