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LEGO Disc Problems

LEGO: Lord of the Rings may also be victim to a few CD errors this week as certain shipments appear to be mixed up.

After the embarrassing blunder that Black Ops 2 suffered, it seems LEGO: Lord of the Rings may also be victim of something similar. According to a report on GameInformer there was a mix up between demo versions of the game and full releases.

Warner Bros. recalled a small number of copies of the game on Xbox 360 as there was a disc labelling error. They were incorrectly labelled as demo discs, but contained full game content and were fully functional copies of the game.

The problem hasn’t affected any copies of the PlayStation 3 version of the game so if you intend to pick it up from the shops any time soon, it may be worth checking the box just in case. It may only be affecting customers in the US though, so we may not need to fear as much.