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League of Legends System Patch

Riot Games updates the ranked play with a new league system and changes to existing champions and items, making the game more balanced and the tournaments more challenging.

When you enter the “league” system, you will be placed into a division of the tier you are assigned. You can move up the divisions and tiers by gaining League Points (LP), to move up you need one hundred LP and you will have to win your Division or Promotion Series. Another interesting thing about this patch is the fact that champion wins and losses ratios - as well as ELO ratings - which have been replaced by matchmaking ratings (MMR), are no longer displayed. The time penalties for “queue dodging” have also been reduced but a LP penalty has been added.

Shaco, Olaf and Master Yi have also been changed. Shaco’s ability ‘Jack In The Box’ was able to tank the jungle monsters with the season three update. This has been slightly changed due to the advantage it gives him over other junglers. Other changes to Shaco include reducing the passive slow on Two-Shiv Poison and lowering the range on ‘Deceive’.

Ability power (AP) Master Yi has been changed to accommodate the fact that with AP Master Yi his Meditate is able to keep him from dying even five versus one. It will however benefit attack damage (AD) Master Yi as he will have some of the extra regenerative ability.

Olaf has been said to be a bit too strong after the pre-season balance changes, some of the free power that he gets has been removed to make him more vulnerable specifically on ‘Ragnarok’ and the cooldowns on ‘Undertow’ and ‘Vicious Strikes’ has been increased.

Some items have also been changed or added. An addition would be Seeker’s Armguard, which helps mages with their armor against heavy AD champions. The health on Giant’s Belt has been reduced as it was a very cost effective way to totally dominate in a lane,. It also gave the added advantage of upgrading into very good late game items. The gold cost on Warmog’s Armor and Sunfire Cape has also been increased to keep the game a bit more balanced.

With these changes come changes to strategies and builds making tournament play a little tougher.

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