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More League of Legends Overseas Players Banned

Riot Games is continuing to ban players in the League of Legends community that it calls “toxic players”. This last weekend, three players that qualified for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) European Qualifier were banned.

According to Riot they are extremely toxic players and have been banned many times before. This brings to mind a recent story where a fifty-five year old gran was sworn at by members of the online community even after telling them that she was new to the game.

Riot has made many changes to try and make the online community a better place for newbies. It's implemented an honour system where you can honour a team mate for being friendly or helpful or for just playing well with the team. You can also honour an opponent for being honourable and not blaming people for mistakes or flaming people on your team.

The Tribunal, a place where level 20+ summoners punish/pardon "toxic" players

Another change that Riot has made is The Tribunal, where Summoners of level twenty and higher can review cases of verbal harassment (flaming) and offensive language etc. This makes the League of Legends community feel as if they are contributing in some way to the way people play. People that vote at The Tribunal wouldn’t want to be taken there themselves and therefore become nicer players. Follow this link to find out what the creator of The Tribunal has to say on the matter.

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