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LCS Party Champion and Skin Sale

Riot’s latest champion and skin sale has started and will be running from 26 February to 1 March. As per usual with the sales, it's three champs and three skins on special.


You can pick up this partying thunder god for a mere 395 Riot Points (RP). Olaf is a melee character, and is great when played top or in the jungle. His base stats are very damage oriented as he has a high attack damage, a lot of base health, and is moderately difficult to play.

Rengar can be yours for the low price of 487 RP. Rengar is another melee champion who is played in jungle and isn’t terrible top lane either. He is another damage output hero that doesn’t rely on his spells too much to deal damage.

Lee Sin
Lee Sin is being sold for 440 RP and, to confirm the trend, is a melee - top or jungle champion. He has a high amount of damage and health and can be quite difficult to play.

The skins are being sold for 487 RP each. These skins include “Acolyte” Lee Sin, a good looking skin which introduces Lee Sin to a hat that hides his baldness. “Frozen Terror” Nocturne is an amazing skin that looks great in-game. “Obsidian” Malphite looks very hot with his fiery skin, a total change from the original skin.

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