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Kim Jong Un Video Game

Of course Kim Jong Un has been trying to make sure that he is the “most popular” leader in the world and has now deigned to be part of a video game that will be released on PC and mobile devices.

Atlanta-based, Moneyhorse Games has been the company to take up the task of bringing a trivialisation of the leader’s regime. Of course many people, especially United States civilians will have a problem with it as you take Kim Jong Un through forests, on a unicorn, and end up fighting US soldiers in the streets of Pyongyang.

It is said that the leader’s best friend, Dennis Rodman, will be taking on the challenge to assist with the development of the game. Moneyhorse Games CEO Jeff Miller told the Guardian that the company hopes to “carefully walk the line of satire without being an apologist for the regime.”

Check out the trailer below before the Americans shut down the project.