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Kevin Butler Settles

The actor, Jerry Lambert, who was known as Kevin Butler in the PlayStation advertisements has now settled with Sony after being sued for breach of contract.

For those not familiar with the story, Lamberts character, Butler, was seen advertising for other competitors which caused confusion amongst customers as Sony believed that “Kevin Butler” was a character they knew and developed for specific use with their own adverts.

MediaDaily reports that actor Jerry Lambert will no longer be appearing in any ads or promotions that feature or mention ‘any other video game or computer entertainment system or video game company’ for two years.

This does mean that Lambert can do video game commercials once again after the two years are done and dusted except the ‘Kevin Butler’ character belongs to Sony and Lambert will need to be himself or another character I guess.

Sony and Bridgestrone are still battling it out in the US courts because part of the advert that ‘Kevin Butler’ featured in had him playing on a Nintendo Wii console as Bridgestone was doing a Wii give-away to customers.