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Jason Kaplan not Casting LoL in Season 4

There have been a few rumours flying around about what happened with Jason Kaplan and the fact that he will not be shoutcasting for Riot Games and League of Legends (LoL) in Season Four or at the Season Three World Championships.

Jason Kaplan

Although Kaplan was a shoutcaster for LoL, he was contracted by Riot Games through Electronic Sports League (ESL). Kaplan, as well as Joe Miller, were contracted by Riot Games for the Season Three period for the European (EU) LoL region. Although Miller will still be around in Season Four, Kaplan was informed that Riot Games wasn't interested in having him for the World Championships or the next season.

Kaplan shows remarkable poise as he lets out a statement on Facebook about what has happened and how he wants to progress, saying: “I hope who ever does come in to replace me can make the community proud to be supporting LCS and the strides Riot has made in legitimizing eSports.”

A lot of people on the social forums Reddit have been seen to post that Kaplan and Miller did not get along, stating that “Joe Miller often comes across as an arrogant bully to his co-caster which is unprofessional and makes the match very awkward to follow. At least don't pair him with Jason.”

Miller has come back with a post on Twitter where he lets everyone know that they were good friends and always will be. It needs to be noted, however, that a few of the people that frequent the LoL Reddit page like to take things out of context.

Riot Games has subsequently put up an application form for those that would like to become the new shoutcaster for the EU region. To apply for this opportunity, you need to go to the official Riot Games website.

It is with a heavy heart that Kaplan’s LoL fans say goodbye and hope that someday soon he will have many opportunities to shoutcast up and coming, big games. As he says “I will continue to be casting in the future and will take up other games to work with as they come.”

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